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How to Get BP Coupons

BPme Rewards Visa Signature® Card There are currently no existing coupons on the BP credit card, but there are a number of special offers that you can take advantage of as you make use of the credit card and which is presented by the BP Petroleum Company from time to time. One of such offers which will expire on the 31st of October, 2016 is ongoing as at the time of writing this piece. When you purchase any two products or goodies using the BP credit card, you will get to enjoy 5p off each full liter of diesel, BP petrol or LPG Autogas on the spot!
The 5p off each full liter of diesel, BP petrol and LPG Autogas is applicable when you purchase up to one hundred liters of any of the petroleum products for a single vehicle and via a single transaction when you purchase any 2 selected products.
Offers presented as you make use of the BP credit card includes: 500ml of all varieties of Volvic Touch of Fruit, 20g of Smint 100 megapack peppermint, 100g Mentis Pure Fresh Mint with Green tea Extract, etc. You will see the other offers presented on the main website under the "Loyalty and Offers" tab. Just go through the terms and conditions to see the full list of products that will enable you enjoy the offers presented when you make use of your BP credit card.

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