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Bealls Florida Credit Card Review

The Bealls Florida Credit Card
Card Category: Consumer
Card Type: Unsecured
Credit Needed: Excellent / Good Credit
Card Rating:
If you love style in what you do and you are from Florida, then maybe it's time you should consider the Bealls Florida Credit Card as a must have in your wallet. Especially if you are a Bealls Florida faithful shopper, you should consider getting rewards for all the shopping you have done there. Just like any other credit card, this one is specific to Bealls shopping centers and outlets. If you don't live in Florida, getting this card would be a complete waste of yourself.

Bealls Florida Credit Card Details


  • 15% off first-day purchases*12
  • $5 reward for every 200 points earned.12
  • $1 net spend = 2 points (Double Points!)12
  • Receive a special Birthday bonus during your birthday month.12


Max. Rewards: $5 reward for every 200 points earned.12
Sign-up Bonus: No


Purchase Intro APR: No intro APR12
Purchase Regular APR: 26.24%12
Cash Advance Fee: See terms12
Cash Advance Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Intro APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Regular APR: See terms12
Balance Transfer Fee: See terms12
Annual Fee: None12

Bealls Florida Credit Card Benefits

The benefits that come with this card are numerous, starting with the point system in that all the cash you spend is saved up as points in your card. For every dollar spent you get a point, this applies to all purchases in Bealls Florida departments. Accumulate your points to 200, basically spend 200 dollars and get a 10 dollar gift card, and if it's your birthday, prepare your card for some sweet birthday month bonuses coming your way.

If you spend 500 dollars or more a year you stand the chance to be brought up a notch and be upgraded to Gold! From time to time the Bealls store has promotions to double or triple points for purchases made either online or in their stores, which is fantastic.

There is no annual fee that comes with the credit card and the fact that your credit score might be considered poor won't affect your chances of getting approved. The extra advantage with it is the consistency of the APR that allows free use of it without worrying about the interest charges.

Bealls Florida Credit Card Drawbacks

Despite the fact that you earn points fast, you can lose them if you should not redeem them after 12 months. Accumulated points are only valid for 12 months, beyond that you are set back to zero dollars and points.

The card is further limiting with the fact that it can only be used in Bealls stores and online services as it is not a Visa or MasterCard enabled. This can be a bummer especially if you need something from outside the store.

Something that may not be a major factor though is the sign up bonus offers. Numerous cards offer sign up bonuses, but the Bealls Florida card doesn't offer any of that.

Contact Information


Bealls Florida Credit Card Customer Service: 1-866-907-5594

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high interest rate
Bealls Florida is one of my favorite shops, that's why I applied for this card. But the % of interest is high
i have a question
Is it worth applying, if I'm not going to shop at Bealls store frequently? If anybody knows pleas answer me. John