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BBVA Rewards and Benefits

BBVA Compass Select℠ Credit Card The BBVA Compass does not offer coupons, but you can earn points with your BBVA Compass credit card and redeem them for different goods and services. The BBVA Compass credit cards get at least 1 point for every dollar spent in qualifying purchases. The Select credit card allows you to earn additional 3x points in one rewards category you select - office supplies, restaurants or travel; and 2x points on gas purchases, home improvement, or utilities. You simply choose the category and earn rewards.

To review your points' balance and to redeem them, you should got to and log in to your rewards account. You can redeem your points for purchase credits, retail gift cards, travel, merchandise, or you can donate your points. Travel rewards may include air travel, car rental, hotel certificates, cruises, and vocations. If you prefer cash, you can redeem points for cash.

When redeem your CompassPoints, you simply need to enter the number of dollars or Compass Points you wish to redeem as a credit to your account.

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