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How to Get Ann Taylor Coupons

The Ann Taylor MasterCard® Ann Taylor offers limitless offers, coupons and promotional codes throughout the year.

  • Flat 40% off on all the products that include pants, pumps, jackets, and skirts, etc.
  • A $40 gift promo code is presented to those customers signing up for email notifications of Ann Taylor offers and services. The consumers are eligible for the offer making a minimum $100 purchase of any Ann Taylor product.
  • October is the discount month for the Ann Taylor credit card/MasterCard holders. They call it Cardmember appreciation month, credit card holders purchasing more than $125 in-store items with Ann Taylor card are entitled to an exclusive A.T. Pouch gift.
  • For a full acquisition of any dress from Ann Taylor outlet using your Ann Taylor credit/MasterCard, there is a chance to win $125 gift card for the first week of October, $75 gift card for the second week, double points reward for the third week of October, and a $100 gift coupon on purchase of pants in the last week along with a 50% off on all the products in October.
  • Tuesday offer by Ann Taylor awards 15% off on all the Ann Taylor products in October.

Ann Taylor Coupons for New Customers

There is a 20% off for every new Ann Taylor credit card user, this offer is valid for any kind of purchase from Ann Taylor without any purchase limit and restrictions. Credit awards on every dollar of purchased items is applicable to both new and existing buyers.

Ann Taylor Coupons for Returning Consumers

For regular and returning clients, Ann Taylor is conscience enough to offer the best sale rewards and gifts. For students, sales with 15%, 25%, and 50% are presented throughout the year.

How to get Free Ann Taylor Coupons

Ann Taylor notifies its registered customers through email and telephone notifications about the new and upcoming sale and discount packages. Ann Taylor sends its free and discount coupons to regular and new customers occasionally.

Free Shipping by Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor offers free shipping on an online purchase of $175 or more using Ann Taylor Store Card or Ann Taylor MasterCard.

Ann Taylor Gift Cards Ann Taylor gift cards and e-gift cards are available in its partner stores and outlets with special offers and exclusive discounts for gift card holders. Gift cards can be purchased through Cashstar online website or store, their worth range from $25, $50 to $500, and $1000.

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