What rewards can I get with this card?

The card can offer you a variety of things much like most rewards programs offer such as gift cards or merchandise. The main difference is that you can use your points to get a credit for a purchase that you’ve made, so that somewhere down the line you can basically buy something for free.

How exactly do I gain points?

You gain points simply by making purchases with the card. For most purchases you will gain one point for every dollar you spend. However, you will gain two points for every dollar spent on gas, groceries, and utilities. By using the card regularly you will be able to make the most of it and obtain points quickly.

Can I pay for any purchase with points?

Basically, if you’ve made a purchase with the card and have enough points, you will be able to apply those points to get a statement credit for the purchase. The purchase must have been within the last 90 days or you can not apply points towards it. Other than that, there are zero restrictions on what you can pay for with your points.

How often do I have to use the card to avoid losing my points?

According to the terms and conditions, your points will only be forfeited if your account becomes seriously delinquent. As long as you use this card regularly and pay your bill in a timely fashion, there is nothing to worry about.

Can I lose points other ways?

The points will never expire so as long as your account is in good standing, you will be able to accumulate as much as you want without ever losing them. However, you can lose your points if you or Barclaycard close the account for any reason. You can also lose the points if you are found to have taken part in any kind of fraudulent activity with the card.

Will I still be able to get rewards if I live outside the U.S.?

Both gift cards and merchandise will only be shipped to a valid U.S. address or P.O. boxes. They can’t be mailed to an international address or an A.P.O. or F.P.O. Additionally, your address or P.O. box must be on record with Barclaycard before they will ship items to you there.

What are my odds of getting approved fort this card if I have below average credit?

This card is generally for people with average credit, but with all credit cards there are card holders that are both above and below the mean. It is possible to obtain this card with below average credit, however if you are denied the card you still may be able to get a Platinum version of the card.

What is the difference between the regular card and the Platinum version?

The regular version of the Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard is a World card. The Platinum cards are MasterCards’ line of cards below the World cards. Typically the differences will be in your spending limit, however some benefits may vary as well. You will get the full details if you are approved.

Are there any bonuses upon signing up for the ?

Yes. As of now you will get 2,500 bonus points after making your first purchase on the card. You can use that towards redeeming merchandise or gift cards. Currently the minimum amount of points you can spend is 1,000, so this will immediately put you in a place where you will be able to spend points if you want.

Can I gain the bonus points if I use the card for a balance transfer?

The bonus points will only be gained after your first purchase with the card. Balance transfers and cash advances will not apply towards this. Furthermore, the card carries a fee for balance transfers and a fee for cash advances which is a little higher than average.

What other fees are there with the card?

There is no annual fee for using this card.

  • There are both late payment and returned payment fees which can be per transaction.
  • APR for cash advances will begin at 25.24%.
  • There is also a foreign transaction fee.

Most of these fees are fairly standard in practice but it is advised to make payments on time as you can incur significant penalties.

Is Barclaycard a good bank?

Barclaycard is a subsidiary of one of the largest banks in the world, Barclays, located in London, U.K. It’s a worldwide bank with billions of dollars in revenue and trillions of dollars in assets, 150,000 employees, and over 300 years of successful banking history. Barclaycard is a well-known bank trusted by many. And the cards issued are MasterCard cards, which is a widely known and reputable credit card issuer.


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