What’s the difference between this card and a regular American Express card?

The main difference is that with the American Express Business Green Card, you can issue additional cards to your employees. These cards will accrue points into the same pool so that your business is working as a unit towards your rewards. Businesses don’t get any kinds of unique rewards, but many of the rewards are business friendly and it will be easier to achieve these with more cards in use.

What kind of benefits does the American Express Membership Rewards program offer?

The rewards program allows you to purchase a multitude of things with the points you’ve accumulated. The rewards break down into three main categories:

  • Travel – airline tickets, hotel rooms, car and rail transportation
  • Dining and Entertainment – tickets to concerts, theater, and sporting events
  • Shopping – electronics, gift cards and office supplies are among the offerings

Other uses include Amazon.com shopping or shopAmex.com offers.

What is this Pay with Points program and how is it different from the Membership Rewards program?

The Pay with Points program is a program is specifically for travel including air, cruise, or tour vacations that you can book through American Express. By booking with American Express and using the points program, you can make sure that you get no restrictions or blackout dates which makes booking a trip a lot easier and more efficient. The Membership Rewards program is a separate rewards program that does include travel related options, but is not exclusive and does not bring you the same benefits.

Are there any repercussions if I don’t use my points in a certain amount of time?

The points will never expire and there is no maximum amount of points you can accumulate. If you have several employees on the card for your business, you can build points quickly.

Is there a sign-up bonus for the American Express Business Green Rewards Card?

There certainly is. You will receive 5,000 bonus points after your first purchase. This bonus will only apply if it’s the first time you’re signing up for a Business Green, Gold, or Platinum card within the last 12 months. You must also be enrolled in the Membership Rewards program at the time of your purchase in order for it to apply. This is free for the first year you have the card so make sure to do it so you can get your bonus points.

Won’t I get better rewards with an American Express Business Gold card?

The Green Card is the entry level card that allows access to the Membership Rewards program. The Gold and Platinum cards are a higher tier and have extra benefits, but are also harder to obtain. The nice thing is, the Membership Rewards program offers the same great rewards with the Green Card, so you won’t miss out on anything you’ve got your eye on.

Are there any differences between Green, Gold, and Platinum cards as it pertains to the Membership Rewards program?

Yes, there are a couple of differences. Primarily, you will gain one point per dollar on the Green Rewards Card, whereas the higher tiered cards may have 2 points per dollar or even 3 depending on the type of purchase.

Another main difference is that while for the first year your access is free, every year after that will cost you $40 per year. If you decide you enjoy the privileges and you have also established good standing with

American Express, there is always the ability to upgrade your card down the road. The Green card is a great way to familiarize you with the system.

If there’s a $40 per year charge for the Membership Rewards program wouldn’t it just make sense to get a higher tiered card?

You may not be eligible and the higher tiered cards are more expensive as far as the membership fees.

Additionally there is a $40 fee for the Membership Rewards program, but the first year is free.

I have a bad credit history but a great business. Is it possible for me to get this card?

This card is usually given to those with good to excellent credit rating, however the most important factor will be the credit of your business not your personal credit. If you are able to provide the issuer with financial documentation showing the stability of your business, the likelihood of being awarded a business card is high.

What if I have an employee with a bad credit history? Will I have a problem getting a card for them?

Business credit cards are linked to the creditworthiness of the business, not to the individuals. Many businesses have different policies regarding who they give business credit cards and whether or not they check credit beforehand, but the ultimate decision is up to the business owner. It is not usually advisable to give cards to people who are irresponsible with their credit as it may hurt the credit of your business.

I’m always scared about odd hidden fees whenever I apply for a credit card. What can I expect from the American Express Business Green Rewards Card?

The American Express Business Green Rewards Card is fairly straightforward though it does have a couple of fees you should be aware of.

  • You can transfer your points to a large variety of Frequent Flyer programs at a cost of $.0006 per point with a maximum of $99. This is to cover taxes that are associated with such conversions.
  • If you use the road side assistance program and need a car towed, you will be charged $3 a mile after the 10th mile.

I read that with the American Express Business Green Rewards Card I would be required to pay off my balance at the end of each month. What does that mean?

With most credit cards you are allowed to carry a balance and pay off the card and just pay the minimum amount due. However the Business Green Card is a charge card not a credit card and it is not designed to maintain a balance. If you do not pay what is due at the end of the month you will be penalized with a late payment fee of $35 or 2.99%, whichever is the greater amount. It’s a card that is best used by people that need a credit line that can be paid off on a regular monthly basis.


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